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The Best Wine Tours and Tasting Experiences In The World

Wine Tours

Wine tasting is a phenomenal experience and not something that you can do every day. For most of us, it is a one-time experience. Wine tasting is a sophisticated experience and signifies class and elegance. Therefore, when you get an opportunity to go for wine tasting, make sure that the experience is one of a kind and something that you can remember for the rest of your life. In this article, we shall look into some of the best and unusual wine tours and tasting experiences and broaden our horizons.

Jarvis Caves:

The word ‘caves’ itself has a beautiful ring to it and when you use it along with the idea of wine tasting, it becomes all the more interesting. Jarvis Caves can hands-down be called one of the best wine tasting experiences in the Napa Valley. And the one thing that makes it unique from every other wine tasting experiences is that there is a perennial underground spring that runs through the cave. But, you need to book the trip months ahead of time since this is one of the favourite tourism destinations and you might miss out on it if you do not make the due arrangements.

Hall Wines Rutherford:

Hall Wines and art are synonymous. It is known all over the world for its art collection carefully put together and curated by Kathryn Hall. The oil paintings, sculptures and the like add an ethereal feel to the entire wine tasting experience and transport you to some other world. It is not just your taste buds that you will be doing a favour with their unique flavours of wine, but the entire experience shall also be a treat to your eyes.

Francis Ford Coppola Winery:

Wine tasting and swimming pools can create magic if you really think about it. The celebrated director Francis Ford Coppola built a space where you can enjoy the different wines as well as freshen yourself up after a nice swim in one of these pools. Additionally, this experience is not only meant exclusively for adults but also for the entire family. Therefore, you do not have to settle and can enjoy every bit of the tour with your entire family.

Sterling Vineyards:

The moment you reach the destination, you can find yourself being greeted with some fine sparkling wine. You can enjoy the taste of the wine against the backdrop of the gorgeous Napa Valley. However, you must know that there is no guide that shall show you around. It is self-guided tour and therefore, you must come prepared accordingly.



Wine tasting is such a pleasant experience that people cannot but love every bit of it. It is not something that you can do every day and thus, needs all your attention while you are at it. Therefore, immerse and invest yourself completely into the phenomenon and enjoy every ounce of it while it lasts.


The Different Types of Wine

Wine is one of the most classic, diverse and economic drinks. There are a variety of wines being created all over the world. With its increasing demand and quality, several types of wine based on its style, texture, acidity content, taste and storage capacity can be categorized. Indigenous wines are being made in beautifully crafted wine cellars and shops in the farthest corners of the globe. But originally there are 5 main types of wine under which all of the wine making and wine tasting drama falls.

Red wine

When you think about wine, you always think about its red color and sour taste. This is the most common type of wine found almost anywhere on earth. Created with violet grapes that produce a white-greenish juice, the red color of the wine comes from the grape skin. Here, the grape skin, grape pip and seed is integrated into the fermentation process at high temperatures giving it’s the right kind of sourness and acidity. It is usually poured in a round bowl glass to let it breathe and oxidize properly like Merlot, Cabernet etc.

White wine

Made from white grapes, this is the classiest of all wines. High end restaurants urge on serving white wine at all tables. It can be made from red or black grapes as well by extracting the red color pigments and retaining only the white-greenish juice. A great example is the classic chardonnay. White wine is usually poured in a tall transparent glass to capture its beauty.

Rose wine

Originated from red or black grapes, this wine creation process is enigmatic. The popular rose pink color is what gives it this name with a very short fermentation process of 1-2 days. A popular way of making this wine is by the unification of red and white wine. It is usually served with fish or other poultry items and had in a round big wine glass.

Sweet wine

Also called as dessert wine, this wine tastes sweet with a tinge of acidity unlike the other sour wines thus making it an instant crowd pleaser. It is usually had with or after dessert in a round shot type wine glass. Its color varies from light golden to white. It is also served sometimes with grilled meat and tender cheese depending on one’s taste.

Sparkling wine

The definition of this wine can be understood from its name itself. The carbon dioxide content in this wine makes it a fizzy, bubbly drink giving you a slight buzz. Sparkling wine is basically white or Rose wine with the carbon dioxide content but sometimes even red wine is incorporated with the soda effect. In France, sparkling wine is also called Champagne and is served in posh parties and hotels. Sparkling wine always calls for celebration and is usually served with salad, cheese or bread.

Tips to Improve the Winery Experience

Winery Experience

Since the past few decades, wine tasting has become an outdoor family activity among adults between the age group30-70.Sometimes even accompanied by kids. From devote wine lovers to exploring adults; Winery experiences are truly enriching. The origin of wine making, its ingredients, bottling up, quality over time, storage capacity and finally selling it all comes under knowing wine and further. All over the world there are famous yet indigenous wine being created in beautifully crafted wine cellars and shops. If this is your first time organizing a wine tasting activity, then the following tips will surely help you out.

  1. Make the wine tasting rooms spacious—

One of the main reasons of wine places being overcrowded is due to the moderate space wine owners invest in for wine tasting activities. As a customer, it is frustrating to stand in line and bump against other people while tasting good wine.

  1. Have qualified tasting room personnel—

Having a hand around to help you out amidst all the wine tasting chaos is all you’ll need in hours of extreme crowd because if there is another person who knows about the wine history and can be in charge of handing out carefully filled glasses then it’s something off your shoulder.

tasting room personnel

  1. Be friendly to customers—

No one likes an arrogant wine tasting owner who only talks about the most expensive wines in there. To make sure you get a stronger customer feedback and acceptance, being friendly with your guests is the way to do it. It is a fact that no one actually knows much and during times like these, it wouldn’t hurt to be friendly and polite with all.

  1. Practice crowd management—

Let’s face it. Wine tasting rooms tend to get super crowded and can result in angry customers.  In order to avoid this, make sure you and your training personnel’s know when to put the “No vacancy” sign outside the shop.

  1. Ease up on the prices—

It is a general fact that wine tasting and wine bottles are a bit on the expensive side and to try and gain profits out of this is natural but politely do so before thinking of putting unimaginable prices on mediocre wine bottles as well.

  1. Creation, not numbers—

Customers don’t understand a penny when wine owners talk about wine bottles in terms of the years they were accepted. Thus, talk about how it was created that will give you a responsive audience.

  1. Offer discounts—

Make sure you offer certain discounts to frequent customers.

  1. Validate VIPs and normal customers alike—

Treat everyone alike;VIP or not.

  1. Set the color texture of the room accordingly—

The color texture you chose must match the mood. Usually dark shades of red are selected for the room.

  1. Provide ample parking space—

A facility many wine shops require.

  1. Let those glasses go—

Give away the free glasses.

  1. Lower the charge on tasting—

Charge less on tasting if they buy something.



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