Our Story

Loretta Larsen, a long time wine enthusiast, grew up amongst the Woodinville Wine scene. Driven by the need to redevelop a life path, she jumped in feet first by acquiring a small family run Woodinville Washington winery and quickly took steps to create a direction all her own.
Doing what comes naturally to her she rapidly gained the basic knowledge of producing ultra premium wines that could match many of the popular wines we enjoy today. In short order Loretta tapped into vineyard sources that are sought after by most winemakers.  Combining her aggressive learning skills with her love for wine she has honed her palate to recognize what it takes to create incredibly complex wines.
With her first vintage created in 2016 resting in barrels Loretta is well-equipped for the upcoming harvest season of 2017.  The creative wines that have been assembled represent a particular passion for each varietal that she herself enjoys.

Meet the Team

Loretta Larsen

Owner/ Winemaker

After a 20 year career in affordable housing, Loretta changed her path to focus on the things that matter most: creating a career you're passionate about and enjoying time with her two children.  With the support of a veteran winemaker, Loretta has been able to make this vision a reality.

Janette Miller

Tasting Room Manager

Bringing her enthusiasm of wine and life into the tasting room, Janette has been key in creating an enjoyable experience at Kaella.